The Annandale Way is a 56 mile (90km) long distance walking route starting in the hills above Moffat and following the River Annan down to the Solway Estuary at Annan and can be walked either north to south or south to north.

It was originally developed by Sulwath Connections and local communities in 2009 with the support of local estates and farmers to help promote Annandale as a new area for walking.

...As I join with more and more of my brothers, my memory merges with that of them...

Moffat Academy
The river is like the Roman soldiers who once walked this way – They marched and marched all night and day

Moffat Academy
I am the Annan River, the biggest of the land. the smaller ones go into me, to help me to expand.

Lochmaben Primary
Tracing the river along its path like a palm reader following the lifelines on an open, eager hand

Lockerbie Academy
The Annandale way is like rain drops trickling through a tree of rivers.

Annan Academy

Getting Here
Latest News

Daughter of one of the stalwarts

We were very pleased that the daughter of one of the stalwarts of walking in Moffat did the walk in May 2010 and her Annandale Way report with photographs is here to see.


Annandale Way Guide

Rucksack Readers has published a new 2017 Annandale Way Guide which can be purchased at  https://www.rucsacs.com/book/annandale-way/

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