When you hear a mewling high above you, look up to spot a buzzard circling. As you watch it, try to imagine what it sees below. How will the landscape, you walking and the river rolling towards the sea look from up there?

Moffat - Devils Beef Tub - Moffat

The Devil's Beef Tub: "It looks as if four hills were laying their heads together to shut out daylight from the dark hollow space between them. A damned deep, black, blackguard - looking abyss of a hole it is."

Sir Walter Scott

Distance: 22km [13 miles] 
Upland Environment

The Devil's Beef Tub section of this walk involves steep climbs and rough ground - be prepared!

Route, described clockwise: Starting in the Station Park car park (OS Map 330 GR084,049), follow the youthful River Annan upstream from Moffat, and along the valley road turning off for Meikleholmside where you climb the old Edinburgh coach road.

Crossing the A701 takes you past a Roman watch tower and over Ericstane Hill, before you re-cross the road to begin your circumnavigation of the Devil's Beef Tub corrie. Climb onto Annanhead Hill and a range that rims the upper limits of the Annan catchment. A spectacular view opens into the Beef Tub corries and down and down the green corridor of Annandale towards the Solway coast.

On the coll between Chalk Rig Edge and Spout Craig, you'll squelch across the watershed between the sources of the tributaries that feed the Annan and Tweed. This is the official start or finish of the Annandale Way. After you have celebrated, turn south into the valley here, following the rapidly growing waters in a gully that will spit you out below Corehead Farm. Here you meet a minor road that leads you back to Moffat, where a welcome for walkers awaits.

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