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Invent a character or think of someone very different from you. Walk as if you are them. What if you were a Roman or a Drover or a postman on a long delivery? Document what you do and experience on the walk. (Or do as pupils from Moffat Academy did and walk up a poem with your steps)

Moffat - St Anns

THE FORGOTTEN RIVER Now I see, under the motorway, the sad river….. and, if a river could cry, this one would. Where I am writing this, a crisp packet falls…

Moffat Academy

People Walking along the Annandale Way

Distance: 11km (7 miles)
(crossing point A701 1 mile north of St Anns)


Source to Sea

Turn right out from the Moffat station car park walking for about a mile on the A701, before turning left through the fields of Dyke Farm, marching first a Roman Road and then the Southern Upland Way under the M74 and as you enter Beattock village, turn right up the Crooked Brae, and turn left onto an old drove road to drop to Cauldholm and the valley greened by the Kinnel Water, a tributary of the Annan. Follow a minor road and track through Edwardsrig Plantation, in sight of Raehills House and its classic parkland, until you reach the southbound A701 where a bus can be taken to your nights’ accommodation.


Sea to Source

Start your day a mile north of St Ann’s on the A701 (OS Map 322 GR072, 953), leave the classic parkland of Raehills House, following the Kinnel Water through Edwardsrig Plantation and a minor road to Cauldholm. An old drove road then crosses hills towards Beattock fort. Turn right to join The Southern Upland Way, dropping to Beattock on ‘the crooked road’, and under the M74. Follow waymarkers across Dyke Farm fields once marched by Romans to your left, rejoining the A701 into Moffat.

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