The Devil's Beef Tub: "It looks as if four hills were laying their heads together to shut out daylight from the dark hollow space between them. A damned deep, black, blackguard - looking abyss of a hole it is."

Sir Walter Scott

Nature Heading


The Solway is home to the entire world population of wintering Svalbard Barnacle Geese.  These Black and White geese visit the Solway between September and April and many of these roost at WWT Caelaverock, only a few miles west of Barnkirk Point where the ANNANDALE WAY begins.  WWW Caerlaverock is pen all year for visitors to the Solway.  The Wild Goose Chase occurs each year to celebrate the diversity of visiting Geese to Dumfries and alloway, with the majority of activities taking place in March across the whole of the region.


Hoddam Estate

Broadleaved and Coniferous Woodland beside the River Annan with a good mixturer of woodland bird species.  River species include Goosander, Heron and Kingfisher.  Also keep eyes open for Otter hunting in the River and tributaries.


Joe Graham's Monument

Roe Deer seen throughout the year.  Use the Hill as a vantage point on clear mornings or evenings to spot larger mammals such as Deer, Fox and Badger in the Annan Valley.  Binoculars needed!  Ravens also a regular visitor playing on the air currents of the Hill.


Castle Loch

Loch is run by the Council Ranger Service for recreation and wildlife conservation, and is owned by Captain Maitland Carew.  Castle Loch is the largest natural area of freshwater in Dumfriesshire, with a good variety of tree species of varying ages.  A slight diversion towards Lochmaben Castle will show some excellent specimens of Oak and Beech with resident Red Squirrels.  The Loch is Internationally important for wintering Goosander and also important for other species of wintering Wildfowl.  A Bird hide, leaflets and interpretation boards are available for use all ear, as well as the chainsaw sculpture trail showing creatures, history and archaeology all found at the Castle Loch.  The trail is linear and begins at Lochmaben Castle and ends at Lochmaben Bowling Green car park.  Leaflets can be collected from Lochmaben Town Hall.Castle.



Owned and planted by the Crown Estate, Corncockle Plantation contains some interesting plant and fungal species.

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