Notice all the ways in which water crosses your path on its way to the river. Give each crossing its own name. This might depend on the colour of the water, the sounds it makes, or your manner of crossing, e.g. ‘Linda’s Leap’ or ‘Guinness Gargle’.

A701/Raehills - Lochmaben or Lockerbie

I am the Annan River, the biggest of the land. the smaller ones go into me, to help me to expand.

Lochmaben Primary

People looking over the Annandale Way

A701/Raehills – Lochmaben 10.6 miles (17 km)

A701/Raehills - Lockerbie 13.1 miles (21 km)

From the A701 one mile north of St Ann’s (OS Map 322 GR072, 953) head up through Hazelbank Plantation, down to Blackburn Cottage and over the fields past Greenbeck and Heathfield farms and over a small timber bridge ('Roger's Leap'). A series of minor roads, paths through pastureland, and plantation tracks bring onto the B7020. Turn right and then onto a track for about 1/2 a mile to reach 'No-No's Seat' (hopefully his notebook box will be ready for you). After the track ends and the Way turns right along the minor road, it then converges with the river below - your first reunion with the River Annan since Moffat. Pass Archwood Farm and then into a track past the privately owned Spedlin's Tower and through Corncockle Wood.

The route then splits with choices for your journey either towards Lochmaben or Lockerbie.


Turn right along the road and then after 150m left through a gate and down a straight path turning right at the end onto a minor road which joins the B7020. Turn left to cross Kinnel Bridge, then immediately off the road onto a river bank path through a couple of fields and tracks through Broomhill Farm and then back onto the B7020 into Lochmaben.



At the south of Corncockle Wood, turn left along the minor road for Lockerbie firstly crossing a fine high sandstone bridge and through the village of Millhousebridge. Head towards Fishbeck for about 1 mile near to Applegarth Church. Where the road has a 'No Through Road' sign, turn right towards Dryfeholm Farm. Before the fram, enter Gallaberry Plantation through the woods and information board about the Battle of Dryfe Sands (1593) then go through the gate to regain the minor road. Turn left to cross the Dryfe Water by a metal bridge, under a disused railway bridge and then after the old mill head for Lockerbie. You will then ascend through a path to a lay-by on the A709 just before the town with Lockerbie Cemetry and Memorial Garden on your left.

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